Meet the Johnson's

It all started when...

Andrew and McKenzie Johnson have been raising registered Red Angus in North Eastern Montana for more than 10 years now. Sandhill Red Angus started when Andrew was able to attain some cows from his father's, Floyd Johnson’s, registered herd. After that, the operation took off.

Andrew and Kenzie focus on producing strong maternal females and believe that's what makes them successful. Every year Sandhill Red Angus looks to buy customers heifer calves back to breed them. They breed around 1500 heifers every year to sell them as bred heifers, as well keep some for pairs.

Unlike other registered operations, registered females at Sandhill Red Angus are bred and raised to be hard working cows. The cows are in a big open pasture, calve on their own with no assistance, and run like a commercial ranch. They believe the registered females should be able to calve on their own, get their calf up and get them going. The Montana conditions are brutal at times, but their cows strive to birth hardy calves with vigor, and that natural instinct to get up and go.  

Andrew and Kenzie are a strong team when it comes to ranch chores and duties. You can find them both out working with cattle, or both in the office. It's a family operation, that produces the kind of cattle for any type of operation. If you have more questions about paperwork, or upcoming sales Kenzie is your gal.