We take pride in buying our bull customers Red Angus heifer calves back. These heifers are put into our replacement program, which is designed to provide top quality Red Angus replacement females. We AI the heifers to our Sandhill Red Angus calving ease, high growth bulls and later turn the heifers out on the Montana range to be pasture bred to our bulls. These females prove year after year to be moderately framed, easy fleshing, docile, and of top quality.

Selling at our Annual Spring Sale

Three Year Old Red Angus Cow

Red Angus Bred Heifers

First Calf Heifer Red Angus Pairs

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@ 406-489-3773 for more information

Currently Available

Red Angus Bred Heifers

Located by Jordan Montana, available for fall delivery, will be preg checked first week of September 2019 grouped into 1st cycle, 2nd cycle, 3rd cycle. Pasture exposed to Sandhill Red Angus calving ease bulls. Please contact Andrew for more information.